There are currently no full time vacancies

PBM Training and Consultancy: Educational consultant, tutor and trainer vacancies and opportunities.

We would like to make contact with consultants and trainers. We are looking for dedicated, experienced consultants and trainers who are passionate about what they do, and committed to delivering training and consultancy which is of the highest standard.
Do you have any of the following areas of expertise?

Are you a:

    • Headteacher
    • SIP
    • An Inspector
    • Trainer
    • Tutor
    • Education Consultant
    • Do you write and deliver training courses suitable for schools and colleges?
    • Are you an expert in a field that has relevancy to education?
    • Are you an experienced headteacher looking for the opportunity to become a consultant and trainer?
    • Would you like the opportunity to write and develop training materials?
    • Are you an experienced QA reader?

We will need: A copy of your current CV and pen portrait. An indication of your areas of expertise and references. Successful candidates will be subject to DBS checks. A copy of our Recruitment of ex-offenders policy is available under the policy section of the website.
If you have any of the experience mentioned above, and you are interested in working with the company please contact Emma Northam on the main office number: 01889 567014 or e-mail

There are flexible consultancy agreements available, with lots of opportunities to develop your skills as a consultant and trainer.