09 Aug

Unpicking Primary Mathematics under the new curriculum

In response to the new national curriculum for mathematics, PBM have devised a new range of mathematics courses that are designed to enhance and strengthen the teaching of mathematics in the primary classroom, building the problem solving, fluency and reasoning skills of pupils. The courses are designed to develop and strengthen teacher subject knowledge.  They look at all aspects of the new curriculum for mathematics, including curriculum design, pedagogy, assessment for learning, assessment of learning and enhanced subject knowledge for teachers. Delegates will consider different approaches to teaching mathematics and linking areas within the subject. It is anticipated that delegates will return to school and be able to cascade the information and techniques.

Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Classroom

Courses included within this range are:

Attending one or attending all modules

The courses are designed so that primary teachers can either attend just one of the courses within the range, or can attend all of the modules. To give maximum flexibility, each course is scheduled to run in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms enabling participants to attend modules within just one term or attend over the course of the year.

Benefits of the courses

  • Enhancement and strengthening of teacher subject knowledge
  • Improvement of understanding and confidence in planning for learning
  • Prioritised key areas for focus of assessment for learning (fluency, reasoning and problem solving)in the new National Curriculum
  • Greater confidence and understanding of how to teach mathematics so that increased fluency, reasoning and application of problem solving is embedded.
  • Enabling participants to improve progress and results for pupils
  • Assessment check listing
  • Current inspection criteria with references to the changed curriculum including end of Key Stage national assessments.

Our Motivations

Mathematics is a fascinating and creative subject, which has practical applications throughout our lives. Not all pupils have the opportunity to experience a captivation and engagement with mathematics. A number of recent articles analysing the successful teaching of mathematics in other countries, for example in China, identify the high level of teacher subject knowledge as being one of the key contributing factors to the success of the pupils. In China only maths specialists teach maths. These courses are designed to help primary teachers to develop their own subject knowledge enabling them to be maths experts within their own classroom.  Good teachers are constantly reflecting upon their classroom practice and the above courses are designed to open up delegates’ thoughts and approaches to improve teaching and learning in the classroom environment. One of the driving forces is a desire to make the teaching of mathematics more meaningful for the delegates. There is a enchantment and magic that can be found within mathematics and this can be employed and even exploited by teachers to make the subject one that more pupils enjoy studying. The courses are designed to help teachers to unlock some of the allure of mathematics through extending their own knowledge. Commenting on the course development, the tutor said “In my experience, far too many adults and pupils perceive mathematics as being a difficult subject. In developing these courses, I want to show that through conceptual understanding that mathematics can be not only accessible to all but also highly engaging, creative and fascinating”.