Quality Assurance Guarantee

At PBM we deliver training to a guaranteed high standard. All PBM professional development courses are continuously evaluated and quality assured.

Ensuring that courses meet the needs of the audience

We provide a detailed course description for each course. These are designed to help you to select courses that meet your professional development needs, or the needs of the audience for which you require it. We like to ensure that you only attend courses that are going to be useful to you. If you have any questions regarding the course content then please call us.
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Consultants and Tutors

All of our tutors are trained to meet an assured professional standard. The Company has a large pool of approved tutors. They are all experts within their chosen field. The majority have lengthy and successful careers in inspection, school management, school improvement and teaching. Others are from non-educational backgrounds and have a proven track record within their field, for example, mentoring, health and safety, first aid, legal and HR. All tutors are vetted rigorously before being placed on the Company’s approved list. Their work is continually evaluated for its effectiveness and is performance managed and only those with good track records are retained on the Company register.

What our customers say


How we quality assure courses

We provide a detailed course description that clearly set out the content enabling you to select the course that meets your requirements. Before a course is added to the course schedule, it is piloted and only successful courses are included within the programme. Courses are regularly updated to ensure they capture new and emerging legislation and guidance. Tutors who successfully complete the vetting process serve a probationary period where their work is scrutinised, monitored and evaluated. Only those whose work meets the required standard are accepted onto the consultant register. Finally, and very importantly, we ask every participant to give their own evaluation of the training. These results are analysed and evaluated and form a track record. Any course that does not meet the required standard is redesigned or is withdrawn.