10 Oct

Outstanding professional development for teachers

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” (John Cotton Dana)

As outlined in the Standard for teachers’ professional development July 2016, “Effective professional development for teachers is a core part of securing effective teaching.” The key word here is ‘effective’. Today, there are many professional development opportunities available to teachers, but not all of them are sufficiently effective or rigorous.


Whilst there is no way to escape the fact that cost is an important factor, the quality of the professional development must always be the primary consideration. A team of well-trained leaders, managers, and teachers who have the necessary knowledge and skills, are empowered to continually improve the quality of teaching and learning, through high quality training.

Skill based training is often the most effective type of professional development. Participants who are actively involved in practical learning are more likely to be able to apply those skills to different situations within the classroom. This is beautifully illustrated by the often wrongly attributed quotation “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” (If you are interested, the quotation is often incorrectly attributed to Benjamin Franklin. It stems from a translation of a paragraph by Chinese Confusion philosopher Liu Xiang 818 AD)

PBM Training and Consultancy in Staffordshire provides a wide range of highly effective skill based professional development courses for teachers and leaders. The courses are written and taught by knowledgeable educational professionals who have longstanding backgrounds within inspection, are executive heads, or working within school improvement as advisors. A small number of courses are provided by non-educational professionals who are authors or experts within a particular field.

All of our tutors are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to motivate and engage. Their expertise and the quality of the courses they provide is perhaps best illustrated by the feedback we receive from delegates. We have uploaded to our website, a few evaluation forms from various courses for you to browse through.

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