New Course: Developing Outstanding Middle Leaders to Drive School Improvement : Mentored 3 day course

We are delighted to announce a new three day, mentored course designed to develop the skills of middle leaders. The course is designed to help the school to meet specific criteria identified within the inspection handbook, to show that the school is:

  • developing the quality of middle leadership
  • facilitating the succession planning and development of future leaders in the school
  • developing the capacity of it’s middle leaders to bring about further improvement
  • ensuring that middle leaders pursue excellence, modelling professional standards in all of their work
  • ensuring the accuracy of middle leaders’ monitoring and evaluation skills.

The three days are spread throughout a term allowing participants to use develop, and sharpen the taught skills.

The course is designed to help participants to understand the roles and responsibilities of a middle leader, gain a deeper understanding of the self-evaluation process and its’ links to school improvement and become proficient at making and communicating judgements about pupil outcomes, provision, and leadership and management. The course also helps participants to develop the basic data handling skills used to monitor and evaluate attainment, progress, and achievement. During the course they will ACQUIRE the necessary work sampling skills to quality assure teacher assessment and validate judgements about pupil progress. Participants will be introduced to essential lesson observation skills used during focused observations, and they will ESTABLISH the link between evaluation and school improvement planning and present a practical model to support the planning process.

The course helps participants to identify their own leadership strengths and their priorities for development. Each participant will be expected to lead a successful school improvement project. To support them in doing so, participants will be able to contact their tutor for additional help, support and advice.

The first cohort for this course starts on Thursday 30 April 2015; with day two being Thursday 21 May 2015 and day three scheduled for Thursday 11 June 2015.

For more information and to view a breakdown of the content covered in each session read more…