24 Jun

Make your schools CPD budget go further this Autumn!

PBM are working to enable its members to get considerably more from their CPD budget. To give you a flavour of the kind of discounts that are available for members take a look at the course Getting to Grips with the New Inspection Framework. For non-members, the standard course cost is £195+VAT. For PBM Members, the cost reduces as follows:

  • Members: 1 place £150+VAT
  • Members: 2 places £140+VAT per person
  • Members: 3 places £130+VAT per person
  • Members: 4 places £120+VAT per person

Meaning that a school booking four places on this course will save £300! Using the example above this saving could be used to train two more members of staff on this course or another of a similar price.

The advance booking discount varies form course to course and full details are available on the company website. If you would like an easy to follow calendar list please contact us: admin@pbm-group.co.uk

The bad news is that the discount ends in just eight days’ time! The discount will end promptly on Wednesday 08 July at midday.

So How Can Your School Take Advantage Of These Discounts?

Schools that are existing members will automatically have the appropriate discount applied to any bookings that they make. To ensure that you secure the course places that you require simply ensure that you book before midday on the 08th July.

How Do I Become A Member And Will It Cost Me Anything?

Schools that are not yet members are welcome to join. It is completely free to become a member and schools can join even if they only wish to book one place on one course.
To enable your school to benefit from membership Become a member now or call 01889 567 014.

This particular discount applies to courses that take place at our conference centre. As always all full day courses also include one of our famous lunches.

If you need any help finding the course information that you require, please contact us.
Telephone: 01889 567 014
E-mail: admin@pbm-group.co.uk