Lesson Observation: using the September 2015 inspection framework to evaluate teaching, learning and assessment

Being able to observe lessons purposefully, efficiently and effectively is essential to good management. Lesson observation is integral to school self-evaluation and invaluable when diagnosing the causes of strengths and weakness in school performance.
PBM Training and consultancy have developed a series of lesson observation courses which have been specifically designed to help and support senior and middle leaders.  Participants are taught to use structured observation as part of school self-evaluation. The training includes applying inspection criteria to lessons observed, evaluating the quality of learning and of teaching and linking the two, evaluating the pupil outcomes, completing evidence forms, feeding back to teachers, and planning action to bring about improvement. This course explores issues surrounding the use of observation as a management tool for gathering information and evaluating effectiveness.

Participants are helped to:

  • Develop skills of observation and evaluation.
  • Know how to make judgements and draw conclusions.
  • Record observations clearly and unambiguously.
  • Understand what constitutes a good evidence form.
  • Apply the methodology of focused observations and learning walks.
  • Become familiar with the Inspection Framework where it is relevant to evaluating provision.
  • Formulate protocols for observations and develop a code of conduct.
  • Feedback to teachers.
  • Collate data from observations to identify strengths, weaknesses and aspects for improvement.

Three courses have been designed; one focusing on observing lessons in the foundation stage, one which focusses on observing lessons within the primary school and the third focusses on observing lessons in the secondary school.
The value of the training is perhaps best expressed by those who have attended it.

  • “An excellent course. Very thorough, giving an invaluable insight into the observation process. This will enable our whole management team to work on school improvement issues… particularly useful were the information and advice given to enable us to deliver feedback appropriately, and the language to be used when giving this feedback.”
  • “Challenging- has led to re-consideration of how we utilise/organise/incorporate lesson obs…up to expectations – better value than county led provision”.
  • “One of the strongest features of the training was the reference materials which enabled me to feel as if I can now give a much more accurate lesson observation…very impressed with the training…it is the first time I have used this provider”.

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