06 Nov

Leadership and Management Under The New Common Inspection Framework

The new Common Inspection Framework is up and running with Inspectors applying the new reforms to the process of inspection.  Leadership and Management has always played a pivotal role in school and colleges; and now it is a significant theme and a clear indicator of a successful inspection.  To clarify, Sir Michael Wilshaw has stated

‘inspectors will look at leaders’ vision and ambition for all children and learners. They will want to see how leaders set the culture of their school or provider and how they ensure that all learners – particularly the most disadvantaged – make strong progress from their different starting points’.

Creating an ambitious visionary leadership team which is continuously striving for outstanding teaching and learning and exceptional outcomes, is critical for pupils to achieve the best they can.  It takes time to put together such a team and in particular to change the culture within an organisation.  The new course, designed by PBM, Moving Upwards, moving from good to outstanding, identifies how a vision can be shared across school – from middle managers to teachers and from dinner supervisors to teaching assistants.

Creating a culture of positivity in times of change can be challenging.  Developing a whole school coaching environment promotes self belief and shared ownership of an ambitious vision.  Coaching within education creates a supportive ethos from which staff at all levels can feel safe to try new ideas and raise standards.  Coaching also provides leaders with the structure to tackle mediocrity and poor performance.

This new course will present delegates with a working, up-to-date knowledge of the new common inspection framework and the inspection process.  The practical approach of the course will allow leaders to develop and use a tool kit of practical strategies to create effective and confident middle and senior leaders.  The course will assist leaders in becoming resilient and proactive with the ability to monitor and evaluate their own impact upon School improvement

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Can you afford to miss this opportunity to think creatively and consider ways to develop a cohesive ambitious leadership team? Sometimes it is making ‘marginal gains’ like the 2012 British cycling team did to achieve the most amazing results!