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Essential inspection and self-evaluation skills for middle managers

In-depth one day course: Ensure skillful monitoring, evaluation and diagnosis; drive continual improvement; articulate well-reasoned, credible judgements

This one day course is aimed at middle and senior managers including deputy headteachers, assistant headteachers, subject and phase leaders, and anyone with leadership responsibility. The course materials are mainly from the primary phase but the skills taught are generic. The course helps leaders and managers understand the practical aspects of their role and acquire the basic skills used by inspectors to evaluate performance, make judgements, and identify priorities for improvement.

Course Overview

The course is designed to help middle managers and subject leaders, senior manages including deputy headteachers and assistant headteachers to understand at a practical level the self-evaluation aspects of their role. The course helps participants to acquire the same basic skills used by inspectors so that they can successfully evaluate performance, make judgements, and identify priorities for improvement. The course materials are mainly from the primary phase but the skills taught are generic.

Course Objectives

  • Examine and raise awareness of the leadership roles and responsibilities explored through the inspection process.
  • Become proficient at making and communicating judgements about pupil outcomes, provision, and leadership and management.
  • Develop the basic data handling skills used to monitor and evaluate attainment, progress, and achievement.
  • Acquire the necessary work sampling skills to quality assure teacher assessment and validate judgements about pupil progress.
  • Introduce essential lesson observation skills used during focused observations.
  • Establish the link between evaluation and school improvement planning and present a practical model to support the planning process.

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

  • Basic expectations
  • Leadership or management
  • Inspection criteria for leadership
  • Self-evaluation
  • Good progress
  • Supporting judgements using data
  • Confidence intervals
  • School improvement or school development
  • The typical child
National expectations
  • The national ruler
  • National expectations
  • Assessment terminology
  • A secure level
  • Secure assessment
  • Basic levelling skills
  • The link with teaching and learning

Session 2

Using grades and judgements
  • Quality of teaching in the school
  • Profiling teaching using inspection criteria
  • The communication genre
Basic data skills
  • Profiling progress
  • Progression mapping
  • Links to teaching and learning
  • Profiling progress across the school
  • Using SWOT analysis
  • Attainment, progress and achievement: the inspection criteria

Session 3

Tracking progress
  • Harmonising the data
  • Relevant records
  • Progress mapping in the Foundation Stage
  • Using benchmarks
  • Mapping progress using ELGs and DM
  • Mapping annual progress at Key Stages 1 and 2
  • Calculating annual value added
Quality assuring data
  • Work sampling methodology
  • How good is teaching and learning
  • Next steps analysis
  • Looking for patterns, creating hypotheses

Session 4

Lesson observation
  • The context
  • Forming the hypothesis
  • The purpose of the lesson
  • Checking accuracy through work sampling
  • Feedback
School improvement planning
  • Integrating school self-evaluation with school improvement planning
  As part of our quality assurance policy, and to ensure courses are always up to date, we reserve the right to update, alter and improve courses without prior notice in order to encompass any emerging changes in legislation, framework, or government guidance.

Tutor information and feedback


Bruce McAlpine has managed the Company for 18 years. He writes and develops training materials and tutors many of the courses. He was a full-time lead inspector for thirteen years. Before becoming an inspector, he taught in infant, primary and middle schools and was a headteacher for seventeen years. His specialist areas include English, mathematics, art, the Foundation Stage, educational management, special educational needs, and English as an additional language. We reserve the right to replace the advertised tutor with another appropriately advertised tutor.
“Clear explanations and sufficient time given for questions, clarification etc…very useful, practical and given good points to work on for the future.”
“Clear explanations of how the points scale impacts on school performance. Very competent tutor who had great manner during delivery.”
“The content itself- I have a much clearer view of what needs to be done for writing an action plan etc... and how data can be analysed….thank you for an enjoyable day”.
“I found the course very useful and believe it will help hugely with my summative assessment in particular. Thankyou!”
“Good materials and information... well presented and very relevant to our needs”.
“The day has provided all teaching staff (with a wide range of experience) with a valuable starting point in data analysis and judgements”.
“Excellent presentation! Great trainer. Masses of really good material which, along with training points, will have an immediate impact on my practice and that of the school overall”.
“Once again...thank you for making the information understandable and linked to our school and our classes”.
"Very well delivered in a professional but relaxing and non-threatening manner"
"Very clear instructions and guidance"
"Thoroughly enjoyable day thank you"
"A very informative day! A real skill based session where we had the chance to practice things to use back in school with data etc."
"Very informative"
Participants have identified the following as being the strongest features of the training:
Looking at the latest changes to inspections and looking at key features to reduce the time spent observing.
Developing skills in work sampling in a much slicker way. Great lunch
Data analysis session was very relevant.
Benchmarking tools very useful.
Data analysis strategies to discuss when involved with an inspector (arguing!) monitoring strategies.
Clear explanations and instructions to demonstrate developing the skills taught
Discussing different aspects of monitoring and how to create ‘the bigger pictures’ Great Lunch!
Resources provided
New curriculum approaches
The examples and information that can be implemented eg data, observation
Thinking more deeply and diagnosis with lots of opportunities to try out new ways of doing things, thank you
Good examples - videos - great folder to take away.
Using data
Helped me to think more about monitoring on a wider basis. proformas/ideas given
Gave me opportunities to reflect on my role. Enabled me to gain knowledge about data, monitoring and lesson observations.
Use of data and lesson observations (learning walks), making judgements.
Food, examples of how to delegate leadership, examples of work scrutiny.
Making judgements. Work sampling
Clear/broken down into chunks (manageable)
Provided a great intro for me who is new to the role
Clarity and delivery
Knowledge of tutor and ability to answer questions posed.
The knowledge and information to develop own practise.
Assessment and observation
Lesson observation training. Using data to decide on priorities

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