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Improving Performance through Coaching & Mentoring – The Basics

Course overview:

The first half of the course will give delegates a clear understanding of what is meant by coaching & mentoring, and how such processes work. It then guides delegates through the decisions they need to make in order to ensure the school gets the full benefit of implementing coaching and mentoring, or extending its use. These include clarifying objectives, selecting & matching learning partners, training & supporting coaches/mentors and measuring success. The second half of the course will provide delegates with some of the skills and know-how they need to get started, including building the learning partnership, creating a ‘safe space’, clarifying learning goals and ensuring quality outcomes Benefits to participants

  • Improved knowledge of how coaching & mentoring can help their school
  • Clear understanding of what will make it successful and what may make it fail
  • Skills & confidence to get started and conduct initial coaching/mentoring conversations successfully

Benefits to schools

  • A clearer view of what the school aims to achieve through coaching & mentoring
  • An improved definition of how it will measure the performance of coaching & mentoring
  • A better strategy/plan for implementing coaching & mentoring and how to ensure this delivers performance improvement
  • A clearer anticipation of potential risks & benefits
  • A strategy for training & developing coaches/mentors
  • Key staff with the skills to start using coaching/mentoring conversations to develop colleagues & raise performance

Who can attend this course?

The course is appropriate for anyone involved in introducing coaching and/or mentoring in their school or college, who needs to learn how to ensure it delivers effectively as well as gain an introduction to the skills of conducting a coaching or mentoring conversation. It is also appropriate for those seeking to make more (or more successful) use of these techniques for staff development & performance.

Course Objectives

Delegates will leave the course with a full understanding of what they need to do in order to implement coaching and mentoring successfully in their school or college, along with a clear plan of action and the skills to get things started.

Course time table and session outline

Session 1: 9:30-10:45

  • Introductions
  • Programme for the day
  • Objectives
  • What are coaching & mentoring? How do they work?
  • Structuring the learning dialogue
  • 3 key elements of a coaching/mentoring conversation
  • Success & failure – What does the research tell us?

Session 2: 11:00-12:15

  • The difference between success & failure - 4 essential components
  • Defining objectives
  • Practice session & learning log 1
  • Coach/mentor selection & matching
  • Engaging stakeholders – Hearts & minds
  • Training & supporting mentors/coaches

Session 3: 1:00-2:15

  • Coaching & mentoring skills
  • Building the partnership
  • Creating a ‘safe space’
  • Case study 1
  • Learning Log 2

Session 4: 2:30-3:45

  • Creating real purpose
  • Case study 2
  • Practice 2
  • Learning Log 2
  • Quality assurance -Evaluation and improvement
  • Supervision
  • Ethical dilemmas

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