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Interpreting Data and Tracking Progress in the Primary School: A guide to using in-school summative assessment

Calculating attainment, evaluating standards and demonstrating progress in the primary school

The course helps participants use assessment efficiently and effectively to evaluate the performance of individuals and groups, and to track their progress over time. Tutorial sessions are followed by practical work, with guidance and mentoring provided by the consultant. The procedures shown are simple and easy to use. By the end of the course, trainees will be able to make judgements using progress data and be familiar with progress tracking methodology.

Course Overview

This course helps participants to be familiar with progress tracking methodology and enables them to use assessment to evaluate the progress of individuals, groups, classes, cohorts, key stages and the school overall. By the end of the course participants will be able to measure progress and to evaluate overall effectiveness, make judgements using progress data and set targets for pupils and for members of staff. The course will also focus on developing skills in identifying strengths and weaknesses in provision and identifying priorities for improvement. The course is a mix of direct tuition and skill based learning involving tasks and workshops. The course is practical in nature. The practical activities are mainly completed in groups of two or three participants so that thoughts and evaluations can be shared and compared.

Course Objectives

Participants are helped to:

  • be familiar with progress tracking methodology
  • use assessment to evaluate the progress of individuals, groups, classes, cohorts, key stages and the school overall
  • measure progress and to evaluate overall effectiveness
  • make judgements using progress data
  • set targets for pupils and for members of staff
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in provision
  • identify priorities for improvement

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

  • The 2014 National Curriculum and the September 2015 inspection arrangements for assessment
  • The principles for assessment
  • Achievement and progress
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Assessment terminology
  • New curriculum assessment milestones
  • Embedded learning
  • Best fit
  • Basic assessment skills
  • The link with teaching and learning
  • Using the new National Curriculum attainment targets
  • Good progress and expected progress
  • Annual progress and expected progress

Session 2

National expectations
  • Day-to-day formative assessment
Pupils’ work
  • The new curriculum and summative assessment
  • Evaluating the progress of a group without levels
Tracking progress using thresholds
  • Looking for relevant data
  • Timing
  • Harmony and relevance
  • Mapping progress
  • Making judgements about progress
  • Adding analysis fields
  • Making judgements
  • Annual progress using thresholds

Session 3

Expected progress mapping
  • Profiling progression
  • Expected progress mapping
  • Plotting progress using new milestones
Tracking progress using points
  • Expected progress using points
  • Individual progress
  • Average points and group progress
  • Average progress and the learning journey displayed

Session 4

Value-added calculations
  • Calculating annual value-added using sub-levels and point scores
  • Profiling progress, evaluating the impact of teaching

Tutor information and feedback


Bruce McAlpine has managed the Company for 18 years. He writes and develops training materials and tutors many of the courses. He is an experienced lead inspector and was an additional inspector. Before becoming an inspector, he taught in infant, primary and middle schools and was a headteacher for seventeen years. His specialist areas include English, mathematics, art, the Foundation Stage, educational management, special educational needs, and English as an additional language. He has an excellent track record as a consultant and trainer. We reserve the right to replace the advertised tutor with another appropriately experienced tutor.


  • Strongest Features: “Bruce’s simple explanations of data, tracking, progress etc! A really useful day.”
  • “Clearly communicated to both teaching, support staff and all phases.”
  • “Clear, knowledgeable overview with helpful procedures that can be used in school to raise achievement. Brilliant lunch.”
  • “I feel that I now understand what the expectations are for my progress tracking systems”.
  • “The individual needs were met and the skills and knowledge imparted matched our requirements. Felt at ease and able to ask questions…Thanks for a super day”.
  • “Been on several courses over the last few months and they have all been excellent- exactly what it says it would do- very helpful”.

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