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Assessment through observation in the EYFS: A practical guide

The course helps participants use observation to assess the attainment of children. It helps participants to acquire the basic observational skills necessary to evaluate individual and group attainment. The training is very practical in nature, giving participants the opportunity to discuss observations and learn to apply key criteria. It includes the use of the Foundation Stage assessments such as Development Matters and the Foundation Stage Profile. It explores ways to use target setting and assessment for learning.

Course Overview

By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with observation and assessment methodology, assessing individual attainment and group attainment and the will gain skills to help them make accurate judgements. By the end of the course participants will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and next steps in learning and be able to establish priorities, set targets, and plan action to bring about improvement.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with:

  • observation and assessment methodology;
  • assessing individual attainment and group attainment;
  • making judgements;
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses and next steps in learning;
  • establishing priorities, target setting, and planning action to bring about improvement.

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

Assessment terminology
  • School self-evaluation.
  • Assessment.
  • Assessment terminology.
  • Embedded learning
  • Early Learning Goal.
  • Ages and starting points.
  • The structure and use of the assessment criteria.
  • The Early Learning Goals.
  • National expectations.

Session 2

  • The changes in 2015.
  • Key points from the relevant documentation.
  • Development matters and the concept of best-fit.
  • Using criteria to assess individual attainment.
  • Criterion profiling and quality assuring.
  • Observing children (CLL)
  • Methodology
  • DVD
  • Making judgements

Session 3

Observing children (PSED)
  • DVD
  • Applying the criteria.
  • Making judgements.
  • Assessing with purpose in mind (mathematics).
  • DVD
  • Using assessment scales to identify learning needs.
  • Applying the criteria.
  • Making judgements.

Session 4

Assessing the attainment of group (mathematics)  
  • DVD
  • Applying the criteria.
  • Making judgements.
  • Bringing it together (CLL and phonics)
  • DVD
  • Applying the criteria.
  • Making judgements.
  • Completing the assessment process.

Tutor information and feedback


Bruce McAlpine has managed the Company for 18 years. He writes and develops training materials and tutors many of the courses. He is an experienced lead inspector and was an additional inspector. Before becoming an inspector, he taught in infant, primary and middle schools and was a headteacher for seventeen years. His specialist areas include English, mathematics, art, the Foundation Stage, educational management, special educational needs, and English as an additional language. He has an excellent track record as a consultant and trainer. The company reserves the right to replace the named tutor with another appropriately qualified tutor.


  • “I have much clearer understanding of purpose of assessment, nature of planning and self-evaluation”.
  • “Excellent information and great teaching”.
  • “No waffle! Totally focussed and all useful”.
  • “Great, useful information given to both teachers and leadership”.
  • “Well paced, interesting and challenging”.
  • “I think we could do with another day of this!”.

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