Getting The Most From Your Training Budget: Let Us Help!

We are passionate about ensuring that schools get value for money from their training budget. We understand that it is not simply the cost of the course that is important. Teachers invest their time when they attend a course so the quality of a course and the impact it has is important.


From the outset, our aim has been to ensure that we provide courses and workshops that are of the highest quality; are practical, and bring about improvement or have a positive, lasting impact. If you have not used the company before and you would like to know about our course sample opportunities then call us on 01889 567 014.


The PBM Membership scheme is completely FREE. It enables members to receive discounts off the cost of each course they book with PBM. We currently offer an advance booking discount which gives members the greatest discount off the cost of a single course place. If you would like to know more then please call us on 01889 567 014.

Training Packages:

Training packages are designed to enable members to get larger discounts. They work on a basic principle; that the greater the number of courses booked then the greater the saving made. Packages start from as few as 5 course places.