Essential inspection and self-evaluation skills for middle leaders

Middle leaders play a crucial role.  To help and support them in their role, we have developed a course entitled Essential Inspection and self-evaluation skills for middle leaders. It is designed to help leaders and managers understand the practical aspects of their role and acquire the basic skills used by inspectors to accurately evaluate performance, make judgements, and identify priorities for improvement.

The course helps participants to:

  • EXAMINE and raise awareness of the leadership roles and responsibilities that are explored through the inspection process.
  • BECOME PROFICIENT at making and communicating judgements about pupil outcomes, provision, and leadership and management.
  • DEVELOP the basic data handling skills used to monitor and evaluate attainment, progress, and achievement.
  • ACQUIRE the necessary work sampling skills to quality assure teacher assessment and validate judgements about pupil progress.
  • DEVELOP essential lesson observation skills used during focused observations.
  • ESTABLISH the link between evaluation and school improvement planning and present a practical model to support the planning process.

This one day course is valued by participants.

  • “I found the course very useful and believe it will help hugely with my summative assessment in particular. Thankyou!”
  • “Excellent presentation! Great trainer. Masses of really good material which, along with training points, will have an immediate impact on my practice and that of the school overall”.
  • “Once again…thank you for making the information understandable and linked to our school and our classes”.

For the latest dates, costs and venue information please go to Essential Inspection and self-evaluation skills for middle leaders