Course Cost:

Non Members: £195 (excluding VAT)

Members: £175.50 (excluding VAT)

Course Length: 1 Day

Venue address:
PBM Inspection Services, Heath House Training and Conference Centre, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY

Course Date

25 April 2018

Course Time

09:30 to 15:30

Work scrutiny: Forensic analysis of standards and progress

Evaluating teaching, learning and assessment by sampling pupils’ work

This is a one-day course for senior and subject managers, teachers and other educational professionals. It is practical and skill based. Participants are taught to use work sampling as part of school self-evaluation. The training includes applying Ofsted criteria, criterion referenced assessment, evaluating the standards attained and the achievement of pupils, completing records, collating information, and planning action to bring about improvement.

Participants are helped to:

  • understand and use work sampling as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of the provision;
  • know where to pitch judgements;
  • record findings clearly and unambiguously;
  • apply the methodology of work sampling;
  • diagnose priorities and plan for improvement.

Aimed at

Senior and subject managers, teachers and other educational professionals.

In-School Training Information

In-School Training

This course is available as in-school training. If you would like to find out more about in-school training please go to the in-school training section   CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT IN SCHOOL TRAINING
  or call us on 01889 567 014

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

Initial considerations
  • the purpose of work sampling
  • assessment terminology
  • secure learning
  • basic assessment skills
  • the link with learning and teaching
  • national expectations
  • the holistic use of assessment

Session 2

Using samples of writing
  • choosing work appropriate for scrutiny
  • using the holistic approach
  • looking for progress
Work sampling methodology
  • purpose of work sampling
  • work sampling methodology
  • choosing victims
  • next steps analysis
  • looking for patterns, creating a hypothesis

Session 3

Work sampling reading
  • methodological variations: subjects where work is not recorded
  • the Year 1 phonics check
  • case study, Year 1 reading
Work sampling mathematics
  • methodological variations between subjects
  • case study, Year 4 mathematics

Session 4

Work sampling the humanities
  • applying profiling techniques to humanities
  • using samples from different periods during the academic year
  • case study materials, Year 4 humanities
As part of our quality assurance policy, and to ensure courses are always up to date, we reserve the right to update, alter and improve courses without prior notice in order to encompass any emerging changes in legislation, framework, or government guidance.

Tutor information and course feedback


Bruce McAlpine has managed the Company for 18 years. He writes and develops training materials and tutors many of the courses. He is an experienced lead inspector and was an additional inspector. Before becoming an inspector, he taught in infant, primary and middle schools and was a headteacher for seventeen years. His specialist areas include English, mathematics, art, the Foundation Stage, educational management, special educational needs, and English as an additional language. He has an excellent track record as a consultant and trainer. We reserve the right to replace the advertised tutor with another appropriately experienced tutor.


  • “Very informative! Very organised! I would definitely not have done work sampling well enough before this”.
  • Strongest features of the training: “Expertise of the tutor and support given…Time available to discuss school issues and advice given. Thank you…Feel more confident that judgements I make about pupils writing are accurate. Very enjoyable and worthwhile day”.
  • Strongest features of the training: “The high level of knowledge and expertise from the trainer. A very well organised and worthwhile day – The best we have had. Thank you”.
  • “Succinct point- directly related to specific examples. No death by powerpoint!”.
  • “It gave me ideas for actions to take back to school and also made me feel more confident about my judgements”.
  • “One of the strongest features of the training was that it gave confidence in our levelling skills…it provided expanded level descriptors which were very useful”.
  • “Training suitable and challenging at all levels”.
  • “The handouts were very useful particularly the expanded level descriptors for writing and maths”.
  • Very practical and absolutely what we needed as a school. Fabulous, really helpful and very enjoyable.
  • Demonstrating importance of work sampling in relation to whole school development and Ofsted.
  • Thought provoking. As SLT really making us see how important sampling is
  • Going through and doing the sampling (writing). Seeing/ experiencing the process
  • Very powerful

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