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Course Length: 3 Days plus course work

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Heath House Conference Centre, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY

Course Date

01 January 2020

Course Time

09:30 to 15:30

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22.01.2016 Location: Staffordshire

JUST ADDED-Developing Outstanding Middle Leaders To Drive School Improvement: A Mentored 3 Day Course

Day 1: 22 January 2016 | Day 2: 26 February 2016 | Day 3: 16 March 2016

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Places are limited to just 12 participants per course. Aimed at: This course is aimed at middle managers including subject and phase leaders, leaders of departments or school improvement teams and anyone with leadership responsibility. The course is suitable for practitioners from Nursery, Infant, Primary, Junior, Middle and Secondary schools. It is appropriate for those from mainstream schools, academies, special and independent schools. The course is not appropriate for deputies or assistant headteachers. Course details: BENEFITS TO THE SCHOOL The course is designed to help the school to meet specific criteria identified within the inspection handbook, to show that the school is:
  • developing the quality of middle leadership,
  • facilitating the succession planning and development of future leaders in the school
  • developing the capacity of it’s middle leaders to  bring about further improvement
  • ensuring that middle leaders pursue excellence, modelling professional standards in all of their work
  • ensuring the accuracy of  middle leaders’ monitoring and evaluation skills
  • UNDERSTAND the roles and responsibilities of a middle leader
  • GAIN a deeper understanding of the self-evaluation process and it’s links to school improvement
  • BECOME proficient at making and communicating judgements about pupil outcomes, provision, and leadership and management.
  • DEVELOP the basic data handling skills used to monitor and evaluate attainment, progress, and achievement.
  • ACQUIRE the necessary work sampling skills to quality assure teacher assessment and validate judgements about pupil progress.
  • INTRODUCE essential lesson observation skills used during focused observations.
  • LEAD a successful school improvement project
  • ESTABLISH the link between evaluation and school improvement planning and present a practical model to support the planning process.
  • KNOW your own leadership strengths and your priorities for development
  • DEMONSTRATE leadership effectiveness through school improvement work
This rigorous three day course helps leaders and managers understand the practical aspects of their role and acquire the basic skills used by inspectors to evaluate performance, make judgements, and identify priorities for improvement. These skills are transferable across phases and in different settings. The course is designed to provide developmental support to each participant over the duration of the course. It is practical and skill based and has practical benefits to the school. Participants will plan and lead on an aspect of school improvement pertinent to their role in school and will receive individual and group tutorial support to enhance each participant’s leadership effectiveness. They will also have access to a toolkit (CD Rom) of strategies and tools to use to support their on going leadership development Method of Tuition: Mixture of tutor led discussion, practical activities and tutorial style. Assessment requirements: There is no formal assessment. Participants will be expected to commit time to recording their leadership learning for the duration of the programme.

In-School Training Information

In-School Training

This course is available as in-school training. If you would like to find out more about in-school training please go to the in-school training section   CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT IN SCHOOL TRAINING
  or call us on 01889 567 014

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the  self-evaluation process and its link to school improvement
  • Be aware of the challenges presented as a middle leader and an appreciation of the demands of such a role
  • Have led a successful school improvement project
  • Be able to articulate their own leadership strengths and areas for development and reflecting on their learning to date
  • Understand the importance of effective monitoring that contributes to effective self-evaluation, including data analysis and tracking
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in teaching through observation
  • Develop a robust evidence base to support school improvement work

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1 9:30-10:45 Explore the role of middle leadership

  • Leadership or management
  • Inspection criteria for leadership
  • Grade descriptors
  • Explore current challenges
Session 2 11:00-12:15 Principles and process of self-evaluation
  • Self-evaluation
  • School improvement and school development
  • Features of the communication genre
  • Link to inspection criteria
Session 3 1:00-2:15 Self-evaluation and school improvement
  • Integrating school self-evaluation with school improvement planning
  • Producing SEF documents
Session 4 2:30-3:45 School Improvement project/ presentation
  • Link to current SIP
  • Identify success criteria and evidence to demonstrate leadership effectiveness
  • Discuss content of presentation
Session 5 9:30-10:45 Leadership characteristics
  • Explore leadership characteristics
  • Baseline current level of competence
  • Create SWOT analysis
  • Identify areas for leadership development
Session 6 11:00-12:15 Monitoring/ data analysis/ tracking
  • Profiling progress
  • Progression mapping
  • Links to teaching and learning
  • Profiling progress across the school
  • Calculating annual value-added
Session 7 1:00-2:15 School improvement tools Explore range of tools to achieve the following:
  • create a shared vision
  • analyse provision
  • explore root causes
  • agree priorities
  • generate solutions
  • toolkit CD rom
Session 8 2:30-3:45 School improvement project
  • Tutorial time
  • Action planning/ developing evidence base
  • Identify leadership learning between Day 1 and 2
Session 9 9:30-10:45 Developing lesson observation skills
  • The quality of teaching in the school
  • Observing learning
  • The purpose of the lesson
  • Characteristics of effective learning
  • Work scrutiny during observations
  • Feedback
Session 10 11:00-12:15 Leading and managing people
  • Identify personality types
  • Symptoms exhibited by ‘difficult behaviours’
  • Consider motivation techniques for each type
  • Reflect on any current situations
  • Identify strategies to move forward
Session 11 1:00-2:15    Session 12 2:30-3:45 Evidencing leadership effectiveness
  • Repeat leadership characteristics audit
  • Identify leadership changes
  • Impact data
  • Summary report to present to SLT/ governors
Session 12 2:30-3:45 Leadership learning presentation
  • 7 min presentation to group to share leadership learning
  • Audience write bullet pointed feedback using prompt sheet

Tutor information and course feedback

Paul is an experienced headteacher, trainer, and consultant and he is also a serving inspector. He has an outstanding track record with the company and his courses are well received. In addition to his current headship and his role as an inspector, Paul works as a Learning Consultant and is involved in providing leadership training packages. During his teaching career, Paul has provided in-service training to primary schools. Before becoming a deputy headteacher of a large primary school Paul was also a Strategic Manager of Teaching and Learning, a role which involved working with colleagues developing pedagogical expertise and know-how. All of Paul’s previous headships have been in schools in challenging social contexts. He has led his previous school out of the category that it was placed in at the time of his appointment. It was judged as good at the last inspection. During the four OFSTED and HMI visits he has been praised for his dynamism and vision as a leader. Paul specialises in providing training and consultancy focusing on all aspects of school self evaluation; data analysis, pupil premium and middle and subject leadership.


Below are comments and feedback from delegates regarding the elements of the course that they particularly enjoyed or found useful.
Very personable tutor, who showed great enthusiasm and had extensive relevant experience.
The information given to us and the delivery of it. Very relevant to my needs.
Relevant information pertinent to OFSTED
Knowledge and understanding of the leadership/management
An understanding of grade descriptors for middle leaders and useful approaches to use in school.
Delivery - information on OFSTED and inspection - time to talk and reflect
Linking school evaluation and points for development with language and formats that other agencies also use - so processes are efficient and effective.
Lots of resources and opportunities to reflect upon practice and plan actions
Everyone made to feel relaxed by the training style. Excellent feedback to individuals every time an answer was given.
Enjoyed working with data – valuable task
Time for reflection –putting new ideas into our personal settings and roles. Practical ideas we can use easily
Chance to share ideas with colleagues. Support/clarification when needed. Examples used in ‘real ‘ schools.
Very useful to work through data – enabled me to understand the Raise
Brilliant data explanation
Clear and concise
Thank you! I have really enjoyed the 3 days. I certainly feel It has developed me as a leader and will impact on teaching and learning at school. The support has been brilliant
How to be more confident in my management role. How to manage staff.
Analysing data
OFSTED information (detailed and explained)
Very engaging manner and presentations (Tutors)
Leading and managing people
Presentation, delivery
All sessions were well planned, thought out and informative, They gave me skills I needed to analyse data, write SIPs observe lessons, and deal with difficult situations.
Documents and information, such as language, Ofsted use, was useful spending time with other members of SLT made the training very useful in developing whole school approaches
Challenging my way of thinking and the strategies I could use on my own practice. Other peoples perceptions and points of view
Delivery, support, understanding the job/role
Ofsted materials, lesson observation, managing people
Very clear progress through day 1 to day 3. Specific strategies/tools shown to support in school. Invaluable having other colleagues from school
Networking, linking to specific issues in current role and school improvement project.
Good presentation style and enthusiasm. Useful tools particularly on day 2
Ability to support an area of need in school. To own development needs eg. confidence, knowledge and understanding of leading and evaluating practice.
The fact that is all relevant and applicable for are roles
The course has enabled me to become more confident in my management role as a whole and I feel I have developed significantly in a short amount of time Time to speak to other teachers and get to see their role in school Info on SEF, data, 4 tiers of self reflection on leadership All the training was useful in developing middle leaders Delivery and organisation of material Well structured and clear what was to come.  I really liked the presentation process. Its good to hear other peoples experiences Relating all the knowledge, skills etc. to our school positions. Making us reflect and deliver. Very practical suggestions and ideas. Enthusiastically delivered Lots of very useful information to use when leading and managing Information given – examples- practical activities Thought the fact each of the sessions were close together meant you could quickly act on and reflect on it Well presented, well resourced. Timing was good. Dates were perfect Enthusiasm of tutor.  Resources provided. Visited lots of different  aspects of leadership – More days spread over the year – ongoing development Built in time to discuss and share with other teachers Information about SEF, data, self reflection on 4 tiers of leadership Session about having difficult conversations Opportunities to reflect and share practice The Delivery of the material.  I liked the advice on how to talk to other adults in an awkward situation. Relating leadership to our schools, making it all relevant Giving lots of information about areas for developing leadership skills. Excellent presentation Excellent leadership from Paul Catered on a lot of features of importance Dissussion with other teachers – presentation/sharing practice/resources provided Very clear information given Lively and engaging, open discussion and painting the way forward Fun and humour, tutor expertise Good and relevant examples The fact that Paul knew his stuff and was realistic with all his hats on! Relevance and usefulness of resources, knowledge of tutor Excellent current relevant realistic understanding Willing to share beyond the course day on his understanding, so thank you Useful tasks and trainers knowledge of subject Excellent trainer, sharing his knowledge Practical examples, time for discussion and thinking Information on what Ofsted inspectors are looking for and what they will ask Enthusiastic and engaging tutor

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Day 1: 25 April 2016 | Day 2: 20 May 2016 | Day 3: 01 July 2016

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