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Course Length: 1 Day

Venue address:
PBM Training and Consultancy (Head Office), Heath House Training and Conference Centre, Cheadle Road, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 7BY

Course Date

01 January 2020

Course Time

09.30 to 15.45


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Improving Lunchtime Provision…and Making Afternoons Productive

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This course helps participants to get an understanding of how to maximise the effectiveness of their school lunchtime team, keep children safe and healthy, ensure children enjoy the social part of their day and have productive, undisturbed afternoons of learning, It will highlight and consider the main issues, look at the key principles of lunchtime such as its structure, behaviour and systems. It will help participants to consider where essential improvements may be made at their own settings. The spine of this course is based on the guidance, experience and professional expectation accumulated over many years spent nurturing the skills of excellent people. This one day course will help participants to focus on the following issues:

  • What does a happy lunchtime look like?.....
  • ….and how do we achieve hassle – free afternoons for learning.
  • Valuing the lunchtime team.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Sample job descriptions and related pay scales at each level.
  • Clear lines of authority, line management and expectation.
  • Performance management for lunchtime staff related to the School Development Plan.
  • Handy tips on workload scheduling and prioritisation.
  • Policies, systems and guidelines.
  • Dealing with lunchtime behaviour issues.
  • Making lunchtimes safe, healthy and enjoyable.
  • Getting lunchtime staff involved.
  • Lunchtime songs, games, activities and resources (practical).
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Action planning.
  • Effective meetings with the admin team.
  • Office practices, policies and procedures.
  • Delegation and distribution.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to go back to their own schools and consider whether they are getting the best out of their school lunchtimes, lunchtime staff and whether children get a good lunchtime deal. They will be able to assess current practices there and evaluate where improvements may be made.

In-School Training Information

In-School Training

This course is available as in-school training. If you would like to find out more about in-school training please go to the in-school training section   CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT IN SCHOOL TRAINING
  or call us on 01889 567 014

Aimed at

Primary Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Office Administrators, School Business Managers.

Detailed course outline and session time table

Session 1

  • Introductions
  • Objectives for the day
  • What is the lunchtime picture now?
  • Task: SWOT analysis
  • The key principles of a successful school lunchtime
  • The key questions

Session 2

  • Ideal picture
  • TASK: painting the ideal picture
  • Structures, systems and communication
  • Roles and expectations
  • Behaviour management
  • Revisiting the key questions

Session 3

  • Successful lunchtimes
  • Lunchtime activities
  • Practical demonstrations of games and activities
  • Resources

Session 4

  • Continuation of games and activities with resources
  • Empowering the lunchtime staff
  • Action planning for a better future
  • Feedback and objective check
  • Evaluation of the day
As part of our quality assurance policy, and to ensure courses are always up to date we reserve the right to update alter and improve courses without prior notice in order to encompass any emerging changes in legislation, framework, or government guidance.

Tutor information and course feedback


Mick (Cert. Ed. MSc.) Mick is an experienced Headteacher with a track record of successful effective school leadership. He has had over twenty years experience in middle schools and has spent the last fourteen years in Primary Schools. He is a hands-on headteacher who is clearly focussed about roles and responsibilities and the effective utilisation of other people and their skills. He believes deeply in invitational distributed leadership rather than delegation. He is insistent that if there is someone else who has the knowledge and skill to do a better job than himself . . . then they should be given space to lead, shine and do it. He is passionate about VFM and how the school environment impacts on young children and their learning. Suzanne (Alnst. AM (Dip)) Suzanne is an experienced School Business Manager and an integral member of the Senior Leadership Team. Having spent eleven years in banking in her previous career, she has now gained thirteen years experience working in a primary school, the last eleven as a Business Manager. Suzanne was one of the first cohorts to train specifically for this role and for this qualification. She believes strongly in the role and the benefits it brings to the school through effective business management, whole school awareness and the ‘outside’ view that can be brought to the Senior Leadership Team. The role also allows the headteacher to focus on school leadership, school development, children, the curriculum and raising standards. As part of her role is overall school office management, her experience and foresight is invaluable in the development of the office team as part of the whole school team.


“Well informed, well paced, very realistic and helpful”. [What were the strongest features of the training?]: “The positive way the training was delivered and the ideas. Excellent”. “Quality of information and enthusiasm”. “Informal and adapted to meet our needs- great! Thank you”.

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