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Summary Record of School Self-Evaluation (SEF) Checking Service: Level 2: In-school Service

Ensure your Summary Record is Evaluative, Rigorous and Concise

This service is designed to:

  • HELP headteachers and senior leaders to produce a high quality school self-evaluation summary record.
  • REMOVE UNCERTAINTY and doubt by ensuring that the judgements contained within the document are credible and are clearly expressed in a suitably concise manner.
  • IDENTIFY and explain strengths and weaknesses.
  • ENSURE that significant judgements are explained and exemplified
  • SAVE YOU TIME and agony!
  • PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE CHALLENGE and a clear focus for action
“If you want consultants who understand your data down to the finest detail, say it as it is, objectively pinpointing the barriers that are to be overcome and work with you as you address them, PBM are right for you.”
Detailed testimony from a school receiving annual support
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Service Level 2: In-School Service: Judgment checking with some re-writing

In brief this service is conducted on-site by an experienced inspector. The day is spent with the senior leadership team discussing the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation as a document, the self-evaluation process, and the evidence for the judgements. Through discussion, the senior team and the consultant edit sections of the Summary Record, focusing especially on the outcomes. The duration of the day is typically 9:30am to 3:30pm.

  • Next steps are identified in terms of evidence gathering, self-evaluation procedures, and re-writing. The consultant makes suggestions and will assist the leadership team with a proportion of the rewriting of the Summary Record, but the school is responsible for the main re-writing.

The consultant will consider the following criteria when evaluating the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation:

  • Are judgements and evaluations in the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation clearly expressed and accessible to the reader?
  • Is the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation suitably concise?
  • Is writing evaluative, not descriptive, and are significant judgements explained and exemplified as appropriate?
  • Is the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation internally consistent?
  • Does the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation fairly and accurately identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of the school convincingly, including any differences between the school’s view and the RAISE online data?
  • Are the issues for improvement in the Summary Record of Self-Evaluation explicit, do they focus on the most significant weaknesses, particularly relating to achievement, the quality of teaching, behaviour and safety, and leadership and management? Are they consistent with the school improvement plan, and do they provide a clear and practicable basis for action?

To access this service:

How to access the services: Initial enquiries

To make an initial enquiry, please contact us in one of the following ways. Telephone: 01889 567014  E-mail: or use the 'Enquire Now' button on the web page

Cancellation Policy

If 35 working days notice is given, cancellation is free of charge and payments will be refunded in full. If less than 35 working days but more than 25 working days notice is given, then you are liable for half of the contract value + VAT. If less than 25 working days notice is given you are liable for the full amount + VAT. All cancellations must be made by email. The date of the email will be taken to be the date of the cancellation.  Working days are based upon school working days. Holiday periods do not count as working days.

Testimonials and feedback

“We firmly believe that the support that we received in writing our SEF/Summary Record was crucial in proving that the SLT understand both the school’s strengths and areas for improvement. This has then enabled us to really focus on the key points. In addition to this, it also played a part in demonstrating to Ofsted that the Leadership and Management is good and has the capacity to drive school improvement long term.”

Excerpt from the schools Ofsted report:

  • “The school’s self-evaluation document provides an accurate picture of what the school does well and the priorities for further improvement.”
  • “Robust checking on the school’s work by senior leaders, with a well-planned programme of staff development, is firmly in place.”


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