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PACKAGE:  RAISEonline Audit & Report AND SEF Checking & Editing Service

  •     Services are conducted by consultants with extensive backgrounds within inspection
  •     Example versions are available upon request
  •     Both services are designed to save you time

RAISEonline Audit and Report

  • A confidential service that provides a detailed, written evaluation of the school’s Summary Report from RAISEonline
  • The analysis systematically includes most of the pertinent tables and charts.
  • Written from the perspective of an inspection team, pointing to possible hypotheses about standards, attainment, progress, achievement, the quality of teaching, and the overall performance of the school
  • The report incorporates screenshots from relevant tables and charts side-by-side with in-depth analysis. An example report is available on request.
  • The report is returned to the school electronically in the form of a PDF document that lends itself to group presentations and to sharing with the senior team, teaching team, and the governing body.
  • The service is carried out by highly qualified consultants with extensive inspection backgrounds. Post service telephone and e-mail support linked to the analysis are available.
  • Designed to save headteachers and senior leaders time.
  • The report will be completed and returned to you typically within 14 working days, or in advance of the governor training. If you need the report sooner, please let us know and where possible we will arrange for the analysis to be completed by a specified date.

   "This is such a great help to me.  Thank you!"     "Many thanks for your quality service"     "Thank you for the quick turn around Gemma"     "Thank you for getting the report back to us so quickly this will give us plenty of time to prepare for HMI."     "The analysis looks very comprehensive and will also help our governors."     "I’m v pleased with the RAISE analysis – it is proving useful for introducing RAISE to middle managers too."

  SEF checking and editing Service This service is designed to:
  • HELP headteachers and senior leaders to produce a high quality school self-evaluation summary record.
  • REMOVE UNCERTAINTY and doubt by ensuring that the judgements contained within the document are accurate and are clearly expressed in a suitable, concise manner and internally consistent.
  • ENSURE that significant judgements are explained and exemplified and strengths and weaknesses are identified and differences addressed and explained.
  • SAVE YOU TIME and agony!
  • PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE CHALLENGE and a clear focus for action

“If you want consultants who understand your data down to the finest detail, say it as it is, objectively pinpointing the barriers that are to be overcome and work with you as you address them, PBM are right for you.” Detailed testimony from a school receiving annual support

Service Details:
  • The service is conducted off-site by an experienced inspector. On-site consultancy versions of the service are available
  • The text of the SEF is edited. Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. The consultant will provide model re-wording for all sections of the SEF where necessary.
  • The credibility of judgements is evaluated based upon the evidence within the summary record of self-evaluation and a limited number of documents requested from the school.
  • Next steps are identified in terms of evidence gathering, self-evaluation procedures, and re-writing.
The consultant will consider the following criteria when evaluating the summary record of self-evaluation:
  • Are judgements and evaluations in the summary record of self-evaluation clearly expressed and accessible to the reader?
  • Is the summary record of self-evaluation suitably concise?
  • Is writing evaluative, not descriptive, and are significant judgements explained and exemplified as appropriate?
  • Is the summary record of self-evaluation internally consistent?
  • Does the summary record of self-evaluation fairly and accurately identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of the school convincingly, including any differences between the school’s view and the RAISE online data?
  • Are the issues for improvement in the summary record of self-evaluation explicit, do they focus on the most significant weaknesses, particularly relating to achievement, the quality of teaching, behaviour and safety, and leadership and management. Are they consistent with the school improvement plan, and do they provide a clear and practicable basis for action?

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