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School Audit and Pre-Inspection Health Check

Move your school forward, drive continuous school improvement and gain peace of mind

The first step in moving any school forward is to establish a clear picture of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and ascertain casual factors. This can be achieved by carrying out an audit. When carrying out an audit, leaders must pose the following questions:

  • Are judgements accurate?
  • Is data interpreted clearly and accurately?
  • Do leaders see classroom practice with sufficient objectivity?
  • Is the evidence from monitoring and evaluation being used effectively to improve the school?

Getting independent constructive support from an experienced consultant can be beneficial as it:

  • Removes uncertainty.
  • Provides constructive challenge.
  • Saves valuable time.
  • Helps you to ensure that your school is making the right choices in order to drive rapid and continuous improvement.
  • Develops the skills and confidence of your leadership team.

We can help you to ensure that:

  • You and your school are fully prepared for inspection under the common inspection framework.
  • Systems for school self-evaluation are rigorous, effective and evaluative.
  • Judgements are credible and areas for improvement are clearly identified.

The value of effective self evaluation systems has been widely recognised as being fundamental in bringing about successful school improvement. It is essential that schools have rigorous systems in place, not only in preparation for inspection but also as a tool to guide school improvement. To assist schools in evaluating their current systems and to support senior leaders to verify that judgements are credible, PBM have introduced the School Pre-Inspection Audit Service. Our consultants will work with you to conduct a pre-inspection health check often referred to as a mock inspection or a mini inspection. They will gather first hand evidence in the same way that an inspection team does.


The school audit and pre-inspection review can include:

  • An analysis of the schools self- evaluation systems including data analysis, work sampling, lesson observations and discussions with pupils.
  • Validation and judgement checking, focussing on evaluation of pupils’ achievement, their behaviour and safety, the quality of teaching, and the effectiveness of leadership.
  • Lesson observations and paired observations following the inspection model.


Consultants provide:

  • Verbal feedback to senior leaders
  • A brief written report


The audit is carried out by consultants who have an extensive background in inspection, headship and senior leadership.


  • The service is tailored and personalised to meet your school’s needs.
  • Typically the service is conducted by one consultant over one day.
  • Other models include a two day inspection carried out by two consultants/ inspectors.


Follow on services:

  • SEF support
  • SDP support


Further details

School Audit Service 1: school audit and report (one-day model, typically 9 am to 4 pm on-site)

  • The service is conducted on-site by one consultant.
  • The purpose is to gather first hand evidence from classrooms, including lesson observation, work sampling and discussion with pupils that might be used by the school to support their judgements and guide school improvement, and by inspectors to evaluate the schools self evaluation system.
  • The precise details of the service are flexible and can be tailored by the school to their particular needs. These details are agreed in advance and specified in writing.
  • The consultant will provide verbal feedback to the senior team and a short written report (two or three pages).


How to access the service

To enquire about the service, discuss tailoring and check availability, please telephone 01889 567 014 or e-mail

Consultant details.

Tutor 1: (Early Years, Primary, Secondary)

Bruce McAlpine has managed the Company for 18 years. He writes and develops training materials and tutors many of the courses. He was a full-time lead inspector for thirteen years. Before becoming an inspector, he taught in infant, primary and middle schools and was a headteacher for seventeen years. His specialist areas include English, mathematics, art, the Foundation Stage, educational management, special educational needs, and English as an additional language.



Tutor 2: (ALDN)(Primary and Secondary)

This tutor is an experienced inspector in primary and secondary schools, an educational consultant and a SIP. His specialist areas include school improvement and new forms of school organisation.  As regional team leader for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, his work has led to a significant increase in the number of schools adopting new structures and forms of organisation in Yorkshire over a three year period.  He is currently working with an increasing number of primary and secondary schools who are considering converting to academy status together with possible models of collaboration.  He has also worked with academies nationally on improvement issues such as developing self-evaluation and leadership roles and skills.
He has provided training for senior leaders on behalf of several national organisations.

Tutor 3: (DWMS) (Early Years, Primary)

This tutor is an experienced headteacher, accredited ofsted inspector and SIP. Within his extensive career he has taught within Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools teaching pupils in Early Years through to students studying ‘A’ level’s. For 16 years he was Headteacher in a Primary School which under his leadership had four successful Ofsted inspections. He has recently taken on interim headship of a failing school which under his leadership is now starting to improve. He particularly enjoys his role as trainer and consultant as this enables him to utilise his wealth of experience.  He has an excellent track record with the company.

Tutor 4: (GTMS) (Primary, Secondary, Independent, Early Years)

This tutor is an accredited Ofsted Additional Inspector.  He has held senior management positions and been a headteacher in primary schools. He has been an external adviser, consultant and trainer and worked with many schools on improving their practice in this country and in the United States. He has many years of inspection experience in primary and secondary schools, independent schools, early years settings and has inspected school’s causing concern and initial teacher training institutions. Geof has led training on improving teaching and learning, making good teaching outstanding and improving classroom observation. He has worked with schools on areas such as auditing their safeguarding procedures and their provision for mathematics. In addition, he has provided schools with consultancy on preparing for inspection. His particular areas of expertise are in primary education, Early Years Foundation Stage, and in English, mathematics, art and design and physical education.

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