Assessing Mathematics at KS2: Life after levels

The course on 16 June was very well received by participants.
The course looks at formative and summative assessment with reference to the new curriculum and life after levels. Participants will look at the proposed new format for the end of KS2 tests and the implications for how mathematical understanding will be assessed nationally, in particular, looking at the areas of problem solving, fluency and reasoning as key areas for assessment. The course provides ideas on how a school assessment policy for mathematics can be set up which is designed to guide assessment for learning from mathematics across the whole school.
Following the course on 16 June, participants said that they “liked the practical activity – in demonstrating the 3 strands to look for in assessment”“It was current and very relevant to where I am right now. Having paid for this myself rather than via a school, it was vital that I got the most out of this course.” Participants also said that the course contained “Excellent ideas for the three areas of fluency, reasoning and problem solving”, “Lots of practical ideas” and of course the tutors own knowledge and expertise were very much appreciated “Relaxed and friendly. Tutor was informed and communicated it well”.
If you would like to read more about this course please go to Assessing Mathematics at KS2: Life after levels.