21 Nov

Dealing with difficult people?

Are you looking to improve your own skills when dealing with difficult people in challenging situations in school?

This workshop is for anyone; SLT, teachers, lecturers, governors, NQT’s TA’s or administration staff who find themselves in situations where they have to cope with emotional people and difficult or potential conflict situations.

The workshop is designed for people who wish to improve their skills in handling difficult people in challenging situations. It will provide an opportunity to develop more effective strategies and skills necessary for dealing with hard-to-handle people. The workshop includes a review of the components of interpersonal communication including advanced listening and questioning skills. It also explores our understanding of the causes and symptoms of conflict and identifies our own preference for dealing with conflict. Finally the course explores strategies to manage conflict.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Pre-empt challenging situations and avoid escalating them further.
  • Recognise personality types with which they may clash.
  • Handle aggressive behaviour more effectively.
  • Calm angry, upset and unresponsive individuals.


The course is available as in-school training, or delegates can book onto one of the scheduled courses.

For more information about this course, including dates, venues and availability, please visit:

Dealing with Difficult People